Be Grapefull

The Mouth Watering Flavors of Wine

Be Grapefull is a beautifully designed and thoughtfully constructed digital reference book that will get you up to speed on the introduction to wine & wine tasting in no time.

Be Grapefull is a consumer-friendly digital book that will take wine enthusiasts who are stuck at the ‘beginners phase,’ and boost their wine knowledge, while developing a fuller appreciation of the complexities of wine.

Be Grapefull is an expert guide that hones your skills by describing what to expect with many varietals and taking you on an in depth tour of wine regions around the world, showing you exactly what areas to target when selecting various types of wine.

This is not your typical ebook with pages of boring jargon . To make it even more interesting this ebook has been designed with beautifully illustrated photos to make it a visually stimulating read.

Activate Your Taste Buds

Mastering the Art of Food & Wine Pairing

Activate Your Taste Buds is a beautifully illustrated digital book that gives you over 730 food & wine pairings to simplify the food & wine matching process.

From steak to chicken, vegetarian to fish, or Indian to Thai, “Activate Your Taste Buds” simplifies the pairing process, and easily explains the subtle nuances whilst giving you the right wines to match.

The right wine not only enhances food flavors, but when paired perfectly it can elevate your meal to another level! But, with so many food & wine options the perfect pairing can be a challenge for even the most seasoned chef or experienced wine connoisseur.

So to help you smoothly navigate through this, we have created “Activate Your Taste Buds.” This easy to follow guide will give you the tools you need – ensuring perfect pairings every night of the week as well as for those special occasions.

A Cheesy Affair

Mastering the Art of Cheese & Wine Pairing

Have you ever been overwhelmed by the huge selection of cheese at your local deli?

Unsure of the perfect cheese to accompany your favorite wine? Or equally confounding –baffled while selecting a wine to accompany your favorite cheese?

You are not alone. With over 900 known cheeses and thousands of wine varietals, the choices are exponential!

Which is why we have created A Cheesy Affair, a beautifully designed digital reference book that offers dozens of hand-selected wine and cheese pairings and explores specific types of cheese, including hard, soft, smoked and blue varieties.

We don’t just tell you WHAT to pair, we also tell you WHY, and you will soon be impressing your guests and your palate with perfect combinations.

“A Cheesy Affair” will bring you enjoyment and peace of mind the next time you entertain your guests or decide to treat yourself with the perfect cheese & wine match.