Are you tired of opening your wine glass cabinet and seeing heaps of different wine glasses?
You find one glass but can’t seem to find the other?

A few years ago I came across some new wine glasses from Austria called Gabriel Glas.

They claimed that this wine glass is all you need for all your wines – sparkling, red, white & dessert wine.

Wine should be allowed to express itself, and unfold its aroma in the appropriate glass.

The glass creator Siegfried Seidl collaborated with wine critic René Gabriel which resulted in GABRIEL-GLAS©.

These glasses are medium height, elegant & affordable.

The conical shape of the glass enhances the aroma. and the bouquet regardless of white, red or sweet wines..

The glass has a width of 95 millimeters allows a certain instant decanting effect, as the just poured wine gets a lot of air.

There are 2 different versions:
The machine- blown Gabriel-Glas weights 145 grams.
The mouth-blown Gold Edition Gabriel-Glas weighs 90 grams.

Both versions are produced in one single manufacturing process (bowl & stem).
Both glass versions are dishwasher safe.

Both versions (Standard and Gold Edition) are made from high quality crystal glass, which is tougher, more scratch resistant and break-resistant than a leadcrystal glass.

My verdict on these glasses is that I was very impressed. I was so impressed I decided to use them at all my wine events. They feel great, look great and make wine tasting a pleasure. Many of my attendees have bought these glasses after trying them. In terns of breakage, in 2 years of using them weekly only 4 glasses have been broken.

You can find GABRIEL-GLAS© for sale at Top Australian Wines website.

Martin Peston (Director)
Wine tasting Events