The Author

Martin Peston has been working in the wine industry for over 10 years creating his business from scratch called Wine Tasting Events.

His vision was to create beautiful events around Melbourne, Australia and share his wine discoveries with like minded people.

Over the years he found the need to create a few ebooks on learning about wine in an exciting way with a beautifully illustrated digital reference guide called “Be Grapefull – The Wonderfull Flavors of Wine”.

He also felt the need to write a book on cheese & wine matching through his experience in wine events and his book is called “A Cheesy Affair – Mastering the Art of Cheese & Wine Pairing”.

In addition to this he created another book of food & wine pairing called “Activate Your Taste Buds – Mastering the Art of Food & Wine Pairing”.

He wanted to add his contribution in the wine world and hopes that people will find these books a valuable resource with years of happy eating & drinking.

Videos of Past Events